Benefits of Printing Custom T-Shirts


What better way to start the Spring season, than to print custom t-shirts.

If you are launching a product or have an event to announce a new service then it always helps to have printed T shirts to go along with it. Not only is this a good advertising and marketing technique but it is also a way to get the name of your event good visibility. And it definitely does not cost as much as a huge billboard or a print campaign would cost you. These printed T shirts can be worn by volunteers or participants and rather than being fixed to one location like a billboard, can be carried over a greater distance.

While these are only a few of the advantages of using apparel to promote a particular brand, here are some of the benefits of using personalized T shirts or printed hooded tops to enhance instant recognition of a logo or a name.

* T shirts printers are easily available and do not cost too much. You can outsource the entire contract for very little amount of money to your local vendor while supplying him with the design and the color specification of what you want printed. While the printer will be able to do some amount of designing for you, it definitely comes cheaper if you provide him with this. The entire job will take a few days at the maximum depending on the quantity of promotional T shirts you want.

* Deciding your target audience and working out what will interest them the most is probably the crux of a campaign that effectively uses printed T shirts. If you choose a design that is youth oriented for an audience that is mostly middle aged and older, it might be counterproductive. However, if you choose a design that captures the spirit and the ethos of your target group then they are much more likely to wear the custom T shirts regularly rather than a single one-off instance.

* Sending out a crowd of people wearing promotional items is a walking, talking, and effective advertisement for the product or service you are advertising. By picking from a wide variety of designs as well as creating a specific style, you do a lot to influence the campaign. From leisure wear to work wear and even something novel for a laugh, printed T shirts can cover an entire gamut of emotions and looks. And by playing with different combinations of these, you can be quite successful in reaching out to the right audience.

* With printed t shirts you can also adapt your marketing campaign more easily than if you had another advertising tactic that cost a lot of money. These shirts are also easier to print and distribute, are something the audience is more likely to use and remember, and are also amenable to a wide range of designs and styles. And the fact that you can play with them to achieve the desired look is what makes them all the more popular among companies.

So they are definitely something you should look at if you want to run a successful campaign and especially if you have a limited budget but a lot of leeway when it comes to creativity.

If you are launching a product or have an event to announce a new service then it always helps to have printed T shirts to go along with it.

Get custom t-shirts today.

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Jovim Ventura featured on Knoxville Newspaper

Great to see our Founder Jovim Ventura featured in THE RIDE (TM) in The Knoxville News Sentinel.

News paper article:

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New Standard Flyer – Smaller Sometimes is Better


For a long time, businesses, club promoters and restaurants have been using the standard postcard/flyer size: The Almighty 4 x 6 flyer.

This is a great size, but we have seen a number of our customers trying to get a bit smaller. Like an inch off each side to 3 x 5 flyers. Why are customers going this way?

1) You still can fit a lot of information on these cards.
2) Size matters – it separates you from the rest of the standard sized flyers.
3) Your street team can hold much more with one hand while they are distributing the flyers at an event.
4) Most importantly – the smaller size fits much better in pockets or purses.

Try a 3×5 flyer. Though smaller – it will help your team be more efficient in distributing this flyers, and you’ll cause less headache and pocket-real-estate to your potential clients.

Try us out, we are a Chicago Printing Company, but can ship your custom flyer printing anywhere in the United States – for free!

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Spring is Coming – Custom Door Hangers

Door-Hangers-2Door hangers are a great way to market or brand your services. Door to door marketing is still effective.  How do we know? We live not too far from downtown Chicago, a neighborhood called Wicker Park. We get door hangers at least once a week and we probably have used 1 out of 5 services that are left on our door knob.

From snow removal, to moving services, to restaurant coupons, to grand openings – door hangers are a very cost effective way to get in front of your prospects. We love printing door hangers. Teaming up with a flyer distribution company – that will distribute your door hangers in a specific location – you can get these in front of your prospects in as little as 5 business days. The surrounding location around your business can help generate interest, leads, and more importantly – branding.

If you want to get more sales, always include a coupon (with an expiration date), to make your prospects act fast. Your client base can build up very quickly. Once you have them in the door, do what you do best – make them happy and they will be your client forever – just because you invested a few pennies on a door hanger.

Try us out, we are a Chicago Printing Company, but can ship your customer door hangers anywhere in the United States – for free!

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Gold Foil. Sittin’ on Silk Business Cards. Royalty.

goldfoilGet Gold Foil Cards Now

We still remember when Kristopher (sculptor/designer/painter) from came to us to get his business cards printed. We were delighted when he gave us his artwork and told us he wanted foil business cards. From his artwork to our production – we received one of the most stunning business cards that we’ve seen. The intricate details on the gold foil made this business card stand out.

Once a custom type project, this has become a standard and is now available on our site.

Get it going. Stand out from the rest. Try our gold/silver foil on Silk cardstock. You, your friends, your family, your customers and prospects will be really impressed.

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InoPrints Print Partnership with Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra

Brochure Printing in Chicago

If it were personally up to me, if I controlled the radio airwaves, I would play all Jazz and Classical Music. That’s why we are excited to announce that InoPrints is printing for the Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra. Can’t wait to get tickets to a concert.

They have printed flyers, postcards, and brochures. Great people to work with.

Here’s to a long relationship.

Stand Out. Try Square Business Cards.


Silk Square Business Cards Want to stand out from the crowd? Try a different size. Check out these cool square business cards we printed for a pretty cool company. They added a SPOT UV varnish on Silk Cards. Came out amazing. We love to do this type of business card printing.

Get your business cards here.

Fancy Business Card, Worth it?

We have been in business for roughly 6 years and we have seen so many business cards , from so many different companies and industries. Business Card Printing is hardly our revenue driver, but it is a good bulk of our orders. And we love to print them.

What we have found out, by upgrading your business card (not your simple flimsy cardstock) to a silk, linen, or thicker cardstock – your business card tends to stay in people’s wallets much longer. No really. No matter what industry you are in, what you are pitching – the type of business card you choose usually determines how much a prospect will take you seriously. We have some customers telling us that people love their “tricked out” cards so much that they show it all to their friends. What does that mean? More exposure!

Our very first cards we made for our own, 5 years ago – are still in people’s wallets today. Check out the video above.

Print Business Cards Now.

Is CD Printing Dead?

Some good friends of ours – Retrospect, musicians from Chicago, IL asked us if we still do CD printing. Brushing off the dust, we were a little excited & nervous that there was an actual CD duplication order. What do we say to them?

Simple answer – Yes. We were a bit embarrassed we even thought twice.  We still believe in the almighty CD as a form of connecting with your fans. Music has gone through many changes: 8 Track (what are those?), vinyl (our personal favorite), cassette tape, CD, Mp3s. We still believe fans like having physical products to connect to their artists. In a world of Youtube,  I-Tunes, and instant gratification – some of our customers still like interacting directly with their fans using CDs. – Smart move.

And yes, InoPrints still provides CD Printing & Duplication. Some of our neighboring printing companies asked us why we still even offer this service. Why you may ask?

Because this is how InoPrints started – trying to help the very industry we used to be in – Music.

We started with one CD Printing Machine that made the owner of InoPrints cash in his retirement fund .  As a business, you always need to consider eliminating certain services that don’t perform as well and focus on the ones that do. We’ve thought of it many times, but the musicians that come in every few weeks remind us, “Hey, if we were still doing music, if we were still pounding the pavement trying to promote our music – what company would actually help us?”

Though majority of our clients are entrepreneurs, business owners, a lot of the times – millionaires, we still support our local musicians and artists just like Retrospect.  We are still active in the music/art scene – but providing CD printing for our hometown musicians,  is our own personal way of connecting to our customers that helped us to get where we are.

Retrospect – “Retro1” EP Albums
(Full Color Print, Cases, CD Printing, Shrinkwrap)


Check out Retrospect’s single on Retro1 EP “Abella”

FREE Shipping on Postcard/Flyer Printing!

How difficult is postcard printing? How difficult is flyer printing? We want to make it easy for you. Promoting your business or event through flyer/postcard marketing is one of the tried and true ways to get people through your door. We want to make sure we make it as easy as possible – so, we ALWAYS offer free shipping – nationwide. You can also pickup from our Chicago Sales Office location. How easy is that? 🙂

Usually takes 2-3 business days if not quicker to print. About 1-2 days for shipping. We offer a variety of sizes. We offer gloss free of charge as well. Try us out – you’ll be glad you did.

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